What Isolation is Teaching Me

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I live in Washington state, where we have been issued a “stay-at-home” order since about mid-March. Despite being mostly isolated with my family and extremely limited on what we can do, I love my home and I would not want to be on lockdown anywhere else right now (except a sunny beach. That might be better for everyone).

Probably like you, I have longed for park days, restaurant dates, playdates with other moms and kids and- more than anything- a vacation. I wake up every day to see if there is some good news; some cure, a ban that’s been lifted or any sign that this is coming to an end. Isolation has been stressful, frustrating and depressing and I want it to end.

But rather than binge-watching shows and trying to keep myself productive (as it seems many people are struggling with), I’ve been just as busy as ever and perhaps more so- while trying to keep my kids on schedule, trying to keep up with my own work and -like usual- juggling way too many things.

Quietly each day, the Lord keeps revealing ways that I have replaced Him.

In each daily struggle I see how I have idolized the good things He has given me. I have taken great gifts of His creation for granted. I have turned into a demanding consumer of the grace I should be thanking Him every moment for. I have so many pure and wonderful blessings I still couldn’t count them all and all I do is ask for more.

It is no accident that many of us who are suddenly at a forced standstill are in some state of shock right now. Busyness is the idol nearly all of us bow down to. Our world has slammed on the brakes and jarred so many people out of autopilot and into a startled awareness that life isn’t about our plans or our routines. It’s not about what we want or what we think should be happening.

This life belongs to God and he is shaping it as he sees fit.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways,” declares the LORD.

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, So are My ways higher than your ways And My thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55.8–9 NAS95)

Falling Short

Here are some patterns I’ve seen in my own day-to-day experiences that I feel the Lord has put on my heart to change:

Forgetting/putting off prayer.

I don’t check my Bible as much as I check social media.

I don’t lament to the Almighty as much as I complain to other people.

I make trips to the grocery store regularly and pass a food bank on the way home- only remembering after I’ve left the store that I need to be picking up groceries for my neighbors in need too.

I have friends who are actively dealing with this outbreak I keep meaning to check in on, but busyness always makes sure I have one more thing to do first.

I know it is different from your experience, but have you had a moment during this time where you have wondered what God is changing in your life right now?

How great is this trial, and how much greater is our God! Please share your experience below I would love to hear if anyone has had some similar phenomenon right now.


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