Meet The Founders

In 2018, Growing in Messiah began when Caleb Hegg and his wife Lacacia Cardoza saw a need for practical resources for Christians to use in their daily spiritual life. 

Caleb & Lacacia

Caleb Hegg

CO-Founder Of Growing In Messiah

 He is the director of operations at TorahResource, a Messianic organization that provides theological resources and education to believers and leaders. He is also the co-host of a weekly show titled “Messiah Matters” that airs on YouTube and on all major podcast providers. Caleb attended TR-Institute for three years where he studied biblical theology. He is also the co-pastor of a pronomian non-denominational church in Tacoma WA. called Alive in Messiah.

Lacacia Cardoza

CO-Founder Of Growing In Messiah

She was the general editor of her high school newspaper and was known as a gifted writer. She attended Pierce College where she received an AA. After coming to the Lord, Lacacia helped start two different woman’s bible studies at her Church. Beyond writing and editing for GIM Lacacia currently homeschools their three children

About Caleb Hegg

I grew up in a very religious home.

My father, Tim Hegg, was the co-pastor of a non-denominational Christian Church on Sunday and an elder of a Messianic synagogue on Saturday. Although I was given a strong theological background growing up I never had a personal relationship with Christ. 

As I came into my 20’s I was searching for that personal relationship with Jesus but searched for it in the wrong places. In my earlier 30’s I had married Lacacia and life seemed to be going well. Lacacia started asking me basic questions about the Gospel and it was at this point that I realized I had learned a lot of in-depth theology but didn’t know the basics of the Gospel. 

The Lord used this to bring me to Him and a personal relationship with the Lord began.

After giving myself to the Lord I realized that so many Christians have been told that Jesus has died for their sins, but understanding why this is necessary has not been fully understood. When Lacacia and I decided to start Growing in Messiah, I saw it as a way for us to help Christians in all different stages of their walk. It is my goal to bring Christians closer to Christ and to help them understand and live their faith. 

Lacacia Cardoza

About Lacacia Cardoza

Ten years ago, if you had told me I’d be a pastor’s wife, I wouldn’t believe you. 

Caleb Hegg and I met in 2003 and stayed friends for five years before we started dating. We were both enjoying our twenties and not walking with the Lord in any significant way. When he proposed to me in 2011, I was sure he was the right man for me, and I was happy to live a more righteous life with him, start a family with him, and build a life together.  

We welcomed our first child, Benjamin, the following year. It was a huge shock for me to go from living my life on my own terms- fiercely defiant of any dependence on anyone and valuing my personal freedom above anything else- and watching “my life” end immediately as he was born. I was depressed and felt totally isolated from everyone, surrounded by wonderful, cute gifts and sweet cards congratulating us. It was disorienting for me to become a mother. I was alone, with a little newborn, and had no idea what I was doing. 

Thankfully, I had married into a very strong Christian community; filled with supportive mothers and grandmothers, and lots of children. In the years that followed I realized that in living my life on my own terms meant rejecting any type of conventional religious worship or community membership. I was pridefully robbing myself of any spiritual progress, and I was diminishing one of the most valuable things in creation: the body of the Church. One of the greatest gifts that God gives believers is other believers. 

This is a mistake that I see many people making today, and it fuels our desire through Growing in Messiah to reconnect Christians into lifelong, meaningful communities both where they can be nourished spiritually as well as serve others faithfully as we are commanded to.  

In 2014, I was baptized by my husband. To this day, I still tear up happily remembering how meaningful that was for both of us. Day by day, Caleb and I grew in our walk with God as we grew our family, and it is by God’s grace that we were able to branch out from our original community to serve a new group of people: Sabbath keeping Christians.  

Today we belong to a group that originated around my dining room table, grew into the living room, grew to meeting in a church room, now Caleb is co-pastoring in an actual church sanctuary on Saturdays. None of this was in our “ten year plan” a decade ago, but I am so thankful to do the work that God has called me to do, become a mother and a pastor’s wife, and utilize what we’ve learned to co-found Growing in Messiah together.  

Through Growing in Messiah our goal is to encourage believers to grow in their daily walk with the Lord. Caleb and I are now working to develop an extensive library of resources to assist Christians who want to make their relationship with

significant. We have personally experienced the life-changing power of adopting a routine of personal prayer time, regular Bible reading and weekly physical attendance in Bible-based community with other believers.  

Caleb and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary this summer, and the Lord has led us through blessings and trials each year together. Growing a community is the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done, and God has blessed us immeasurably to help Christians and grow alongside them. 

Why we Launched Growing in Messiah?

Growing in Messiah began as a website where Caleb Hegg could write about theology and Lacacia Cardoza could talk about being a Christian mother.

It was a place where they could write and share ideas about faith and family. A fervent love for the Gospel and a joy in growing closer to Jesus motivated us to create various resources that help individuals and families expand their personal devotions and keep them on track.

We both are dedicated to writing on various theological and personal topics, creating videos and audio that will help believers and families come closer to Jesus, and make courses that are easy to follow while educating Christians on various theological topics. 

Caleb and Lacacia currently live in Tacoma WA. with three children and a fourth on the way.

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