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Welcome to the GIM media page. Here you can find audio and video that cover various topics. If you would like to see our videos early and get exclusive access to more podcasts, consider joining one of our membership programs.

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In this short episode, I look at a question that was asked on my blog post titled, “What Christians Show Know About the Biblical Festivals” (link below). We will discuss if Passover and the Festival of Unleavened Bread are Synonymous and also talk about the festival of first fruits and some common misconceptions.

Should believers pray out loud? Or does God hear what everyone is thinking? This is a question I had never considered looking at until a friend asked it. In this video we go to the Scriptures to see what the Word says about God knowing the thoughts of people.

Church history is one of my favorite subjects, but one thing I have never fully understood is the Filioque Controversy. That is, until now. After reading a book that shed significant light on this historical landmark, I am finally able to explain the power struggle that brought about the split between the Eastern and Western Church.

A look at Deuteronomy 4:2 and the claim by some that no new commandments can be added after the Torah. What do we do with Paul’s commandments about women being leaders? Should we reject these now?

In this episode, I review a documentary by Matt Powell Official which attempts to investigate the Hebrew Roots movement. Although Matt has some good things to say, he is coming from a very different Christian interpretation and falls short is some major areas.

In this video I look at the history and formation of the Hebrew Roots movement. With no faith statement or main leader it is difficult to pinpoint what constitutes this belief. In this video I suggest there are three theological points that set this movement apart.

There is a movement that has been called “Messianic Judaism,” but what is this theology and does it differ from the Hebrew Roots movement? In this video I discuss Messianic Judaism, Messianic Jews, and the history and theology of this movement.

A look at Ellen G. White and some of the things that have made mainstream Christianity reject her as a prophet. Why have the Seventh Day Adventist accepted her writings while the Protestants have rejected them?

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