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Tools and information for everyone

The resources on this page are things we created for our own use. Whether its a Devotional checklist, praying the Scriptures, praying with your spouse, or a family devotional guide, all these resources are free and can be downloaded and printed as many times as you would like. 

Devotional Checklist

Keep track of your progress with this single sheet devotional checklist. Mark off the days you set aside time with for personal devotions, write down questions or comments on the biblical text, note your major prayer requests. Not only is this a great way to keep track of your daily devotions but it allows you to look back on the things the Lord has blessed you with and the ways He has answered your prayer. This devotional guide is totally free. 

Family Devotional Checklist

Keep your family on track with this single page devotional checklist. Mark your progress, make family devotions a habit, and get the kids involved. Our kids like taking turns putting stickers on in the boxes to mark our family devotions. This is a fun and easy way to get the kids involved and be more accountable. 

Praying the Scriptures

One of the greatest ways to begin your prayer time, focus your mind on God, and find the words to pray is by prayer the Scriptures. Many believers want to utilize the Word in prayer but simply don’t know where to start. This small little resource provides various passages of the Bible that are perfect to help you begin praying the Scripture. Prayer is a conversation and God has already spoken to us in His Word. Starting or ending your prayer time by praying the Scripture centers our minds on what God has already said and prepares us to respond. 

Something Important

Praying With Your Spouse

Whether you are newly married or already have children, praying with your spouse is something that will strengthen your relationship and bring you closer to God. Yet, many believing couples are not in this habit. Even couples that have been married for years often say they don’t know how to start. In our guide to praying with your spouse we give simple instructions and a sheet for both husband and wife to fill out. Once you have jotted down a couple topics to pray for you can review each other’s sheet and set aside a small amount of time to start going through each list. Start small with 5 minutes and don’t rush through the list. 

Not only does this process help bring couples together in prayer, it also allows you to track your prayer time so you can review your sheets months or years later and see where you were in your relationship and how the Lord has answered prayer. 

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: A Study in John 14

This 11 page study dives into John 14 and the doctrine of the Trinity. With a focus on the person of the Holy Spirit, this study takes each section of the chapter and breaks it down to better understand who God is and why He has revealed Himself in this way.

Chronology of the Passion

Chronology of the Passion: Do the Four Gospels Tell the Same Story? 

This 32 page study is the first chapter in a larger study yet to be published. In the past 2000 years scholars have been divided on the chronology of the passion. Many believe John tells a different story than the three synoptic Gospels. In this I look to harmonize the four Gospels and show that all four accounts line up perfectly if we understand the language and context of John.

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