Becoming a Prayer Warrior

I’ve heard terms like “Prayer Warrior” applied to people in my life, and it is an incredible merit that I can only hope to be known for. It sounds so glorious: the thought of someone who prays so abundantly that they are renowned to all around them for their relentless devotion to prayer. I can …

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Learning to Pray

I walked past the chapel along the path into the wooded area. The sun broke through the trees as the brick buildings rose to meet me. The University of Puget Sound is absolutely beautiful and since school was out for the summer the campus was quiet and felt empty. I had just given an excuse …

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Is God Listening?

Have you ever wondered, “is God listening?” In my last post, I talked about glorifying God. But how do we do this? One of the ways is by coming into the presence of the Lord on a daily basis in prayer. Prayer is one of the spiritual disciplines we so often neglect. In our modern …

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